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At Bright Image Family Dentistry, we offer preventative and routine dentistry for the entire family. Our staff are incredibly friendly and approachable. We maintain a relaxed and comfortable office environment for our patients.

Our General Dentistry Services Include:

1. General dental hygiene
2. Regular Check-Ups
3. Restorative and preventative dentistry for all age groups
4. Dental fillings
5. Tooth extractions
6. Root canal therapy

We cater for the entire families’ dental needs. Children have very specific dental needs which cannot be ignored. From the presence of their first tooth; we can help you protect their teeth to ensure that they have a healthy smile throughout their childhood and adulthood. We know that dentist appointments can be nerve-racking for the child as well as the parents. We have plenty of experience with nervous children; you can rest assured that we will make each appointment fun and comfortable for your little ones. They may not want to leave!